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Procedure NamePermit requirement to export some types of tobacco.
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture
Incumbent Office Name: Tobacco Control Commission

Postal Address:

P. O. Box 40045


Lilongwe 4


Fax +265 (0)1 712 632
Phone +265 (0)1 710 305


Procedure Step Description Required Documents
1  The company that wants to export must be licensed by TCC  
2  The exporter must submit an intent through letter or discussion  
3  The Exporter must prepare an Export invoice  
4  There must be an export manifest  
5 The exporter must prepare a well stipulated packing list  
6  A company exporting on behalf of another company must expressly state on whose behalf it is exporting but the company on whose behalf it is exporting may  not be licenced  
7 The company to be exported on behalf must have CD1  
8 The exporting company must obtain an MCO document, the document is blank and the exporter must fill the details of the Tobacco to be exported  
9 The exporter  must launch with Reserve bank of Malawi so that it is aware of the intent to export  
a He fills the CD1 document online  
b Wait for Reserve bank to validate  
10  The Tobacco must be inspected by the Agriculture Research   Department based  at TCC  
11 The exporter should obtain a phytosanitary certificate from ministry of Agriculture  
12 The exporter should launch with MRA and fill form 12 before coming to TCC  
13 Some consumers may request GSP under WTO and GSP is issued by the chamber of commerce  
14  In case of GSP, the application should be addressed to the chamber of Commerce and the documents required are identical to those required in relation to MCO  
15 Exportation specific to Egypt requires a COMESA certificate of origin issued by MCCI and not that from Malawi, the same must be stamped by the embassy for Egypt, TCC, ministry of foreign affairs and MRA  
16  There must be a certificate of Authenticity, which has three parts  
a  Pesticides certificate which stipulate the Pesticides used when growing the Tobacco  
b  Radioactive certificate  
c GMO certificate: stipulates about sand, moisture and residue contents  
17 Since all Tobacco to be exported must be fumigated, there must be a fumigation certificate issued by licensed fumigants which treated the Tobacco.  
18 The certificate of Aunthenticity is signed and sealed by TCC and the permit is declares and issued when such has happened.  



The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
Form 12 - Customs Declaration Form06-11-201505-08-2016Malawi Revenue AuthorityThis is Dowload File
Phytosanitary Application Form08-11-201508-02-2016Agriculture Research Services (DARS)This is Dowload File
Country of Origin Specification TCC17-02-201617-02-2016Tobacco Control CommissionThis is Dowload File
Certificate of Authenticity Tobacco18-02-201616-08-2016Tobacco Control CommissionThis is Dowload File
Pesticide Tolerance Certificate under Tobacco Act18-02-201618-02-2016Tobacco Control Commission.This is Dowload File
Radiation Certificate under Tobacco Act18-02-201618-02-2016Tobacco Control Commission.This is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Permit requirement to export some types of tobacco.Export Permit RequirementTobacco Control CommissionThere is need for an export permit, issued under the Control of Goods Act, for one to export any Tobacco other than oriental (Turkish) tobacco or tobacco sold over the auction floors. None Tobacco Act (65:02)31-12-9999Good