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TitleApplication Form for Export Licence
DescriptionApplication for export licence under control of goods act
Issued ByMinistry of Industry andTrade
Created Date19-01-2016
Updated Date19-01-2016
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This form is used in the following procedures/s
Procedure NameSummaryView Procedure Detail with Relevant Forms
Application for a permit to export hides and skin.Requirement of a Permit for One to Buy Hides and Skin for the Purpose of Exporting under Hide and Skin Trade Act. Restriction on Purchase of Hides and Skins. Section 3 View
Application for exclusive licence to export hides and skin.Exclusive Licence to Export Hides and Skins under Proviso. Hide and Skin Trade Act. Section 12View
Applicaition for an Export License Under Control of GoodsAny person importing or exporting goods from a country which is not a sterling country requires a licence to import such goods. Issue of import/export licences. Control of Goods(Import and Export) (Commerce) Order. Rule 4, Rule 5 and Rule 7.View