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A measure is a specific import or export requirement that applies to a commodity or to certain types of products. Typically a measure requires permits or licenses to be obtained from the relevant government agency prior to importing or exporting the goods. You can find out what measures are currently in force in Malawi using the search feature below.


Here you will find information on Malawi's own standards that businesses and traders operating in Malawi can choose to apply to the products they deal in. You can see the products to which standards apply and the relevant legal documents by searching for ‘National Standards’ below. 

Special Requirements

By using the search facilities below you will also be able to look up any generic requirements associated with specific commodities or products, such as the need to register to import certain products.

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NameEnforced ByTypeValidity FromValidity To
Supervision of importation or manufacture of vaccines, etc. Ministry of HealthLabelling, Marking and Packaging29-07-194831-12-9999
Medicine import licencesPoisons Board of MalawiLicensing Requirement28-12-200731-12-9999
Medicine export licencesPoisons Board of MalawiLicensing Requirement28-12-200731-12-9999
Exemptions in medicine import licencesPoisons Board of MalawiLicensing Requirement28-12-200731-12-9999
Containers, package, and identification of medicinal productsPoisons Board of MalawiLabelling Requirement28-12-200731-12-9999
Application for registration and retention of registration of medicinal productsPoisons Board of MalawiRegistration Requirement28-12-200731-12-9999
Importation of medicinal products with less than one-half of shelf-lifePoisons Board of MalawiProhibition28-12-200731-12-9999
Restriction of exports and imports on coca leaves, indian hemp and raw opiumMinistry of HealthLicensing Requirement28-12-200731-12-9999
Prohibition to import or export prepared opiumMinistry of HealthProhibition28-12-200731-12-9999
Restriction to import or export medicinal opium, cocaine, morphine, and other drugsMinistry of HealthLicensing Requirement28-12-200731-12-9999