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Technical Standards are mandatory technical regulations that define a benchmark with which products must comply in order to gain access to a market while meeting the authorities and consumers' demand for safe and quality products.

The MBS formulates national standards (Malawi Standards) in all fields of interest. The standards act as a base or guideline for measuring the quality, performance or fitness for intended use of a product or service.

The formulation of standards is done through Technical Committees (TCs) which are made up of representatives from the industry, government ministries and departments, professional organizations and bodies, among others.

The Standards Development Department provides the secretariat for these committees. These TCs are grouped under three Divisions as follows:

  • Chemicals and Textiles Division: TCs under this Division are responsible for the development of standards covering soaps, detergents, paints, pesticides, fertilizers, stationery and all products based on chemical formulations.
  • Engineering and Materials Division: TCS under this Division are develop standards covering civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, information technology, renewable energy, building materials, etc.
  • Food and Agriculture Division: TCs under this Division are responsible for the development of standards covering food technologies, food safety, agricultural produce, livestock and livestock products, poultry and poultry products, etc.
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NameEnforced ByTypeValidity FromValidity To
Standard Specification for Turpentine, mineralMalawi Bureau of StandardsTechnical Standard01-01-199131-12-9999
Standard Specification for Tyres, pneumatic, for passenger cars/trailers, commercial vehiclesMalawi Bureau of StandardsTechnical Standard01-01-200231-12-9999
Standard Specification for UPVC pipes and pipe fittingsMalawi Bureau of StandardsTechnical Standard01-01-200331-12-9999
Standard Specification for Vinegar, artificialMalawi Bureau of StandardsTechnical Standard01-01-198131-12-9999
Standard Specification for Water, bottled non-mineralMalawi Bureau of StandardsTechnical Standard01-01-200431-12-9999
Standard Specification for Water heatersMalawi Bureau of StandardsTechnical Standard01-01-199431-12-9999
Standard Specification for Toilet paperMalawi Bureau of StandardsTechnical Standard01-01-201431-12-9999
Standard Specification for Timber preservatives (Creosote, Polyvinyl Acetate Dispersion Adhesive)Malawi Bureau of StandardsTechnical Standard01-01-200531-12-9999
Standard Specification of PolishMalawi Bureau of StandardsTechnical Standard01-01-199831-12-9999