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NameApplication for registration and retention of registration of medicinal products
DescriptionEvery applicant must, without delay, inform the Board either before or after the registration of a medicinal product whether the medicinal product is to be imported as a finished product into Malawi, or re-labelled. or repackaged or dealt with in any other manner, in Malawi.
CommentsThis applies in countries where medicine ingredients are found in several countries and medicines are shipped to them at different levels of manufacturing.
Validity From28-12-2007
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferencePharmacy, Medicines and Poisons (Fees and Forms) Regulations. Regulation 13(3) and (4).
Technical Code
AgencyPoisons Board of Malawi
Created Date2016-01-21 13:30:01
Updated Date2016-07-06 16:31:14
Measure TypeRegistration Requirement
Legal/RegulationPharmacy, Medicines and Poisons Act (35:01)
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Application for registration of medicinal products.Application for Registration of medicinal Products Under Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons (Fees and Forms) Regulations. Rule 13(3) and (4). ProcedureView


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