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NameExemptions to export of moveable property
DescriptionAny person exporting goods that exceed 5000USD should make the required payment to the Malawi Revenue Authority.
CommentsTo make sure that every commodity being exported is paid for and the country is benefiting out of it.
Validity From11-01-1984
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceExchange Control Regulation. Regulation 29.
Technical CodeP69
AgencyMinistry of Industry and Trade
Created Date2016-01-20 20:12:32
Updated Date2016-04-18 22:10:00
Measure TypeExport Technical Measures
Legal/RegulationExchange Control Act (45:01)


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Exemption to export movable property.Exemption to Export Moveable property Under Payment for Export of Moveable Property. Exchange Control Regulation. Rule 29. ProcedureView


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