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NameStandard Specification for Wooden poles/droppers/spacers etc
DescriptionCovers wooden poles impregnated with creosote or with wood preservative with a creosote base intended to be used as upright supports for low voltage reticulation and telephone lines, and as upright supports and cross-arms for power transmission lines.
CommentsStandard Specification for Wooden poles/droppers/spacers etc MS 489/ 504
Validity From01-01-2005
Validity To31-12-9999
ReferenceCatalogue of Malawi Standards
Technical Code
AgencyMalawi Bureau of Standards
Created Date2018-03-21 11:15:36
Updated Date2018-03-21 11:15:36
Measure TypeTechnical Standard
Legal/RegulationMalawi Bureau of Standards Act (51:02)

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