Malawi Revenue Authority rolls out 'Everyone Must Pay Tax’ Campaign


The Malawi Revenue Authority has launched the ‘Everyone Must Pay Tax’ campaign at Msonkho House in Blantyre

Updated on : 08-02-2017

Malawi Revenue Authority rolls out 'Everyone Must Pay Tax’ Campaign

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on, 3rd February 2017, launched the ‘Everyone Must Pay Tax’ campaign at Msonkho House in Blantyre which was attended by the print and electronic media.

Launching the campaign on behalf of the Commissioner General, MRA Head of Corporate Affairs Steven Kapoloma, said the objective of the exercise is to improve compliance behaviour, by encouraging individuals and businesses to register for tax, file correctly and timely their due tax returns.

“MRA has beaten the set target for the first half of Fiscal Year 2016/2017 by K37.9 billion with a total of K377 billion taxes collected against a target of K339.1 billion. Several initiatives have contributed to this performance.

“We are implementing the Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs), ASYCUDA World, and cargo scanners, among others. We are also implementing several taxpayer education initiatives to mobilize citizens to pay their fair share of taxes. Our aim is to sustain this performance that is why we are today launching the ‘Everyone Must Pay Tax’ campaign,” Kapoloma said.

He said the achievements in tax collection demonstrate that it is possible for Malawians to generate revenue to finance various development agendas and that the country can attain economic sovereignty.

Government has been able to use taxes to provide essential and critical social services for its citizens and fund economic activities to develop the country.

“The taxes we pay have enabled provision of national security through training of Police officers who are visibly available in communities. Taxes are being used to build roads, construct bridges, bituminize city roads, establish technical colleges, procuring essential drugs for both rural and urban hospitals and clinics, procuring subsidized farm inputs. Using taxes, Government has also been able to pay salaries for civil servants such as teachers, doctors and nurses, the Police, the army and others.

“The duty is now on us all to pay taxes correctly and on time to contribute towards Malawi’s economic independence. During the campaign, the Authority’s officials will directly engage businesses, civil society and the media to educate them on tax provisions, processes and procedures in order to assist them comply with the revenue laws and support domestic tax mobilization,” Kapoloma said. 

The ‘Everyone Must Pay Tax’ campaign will run for three months.


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