Malawi-India Business Meet 2017


The Malawi-India Business Meet will take place at the Bingu International Conference Centre (BICC) on 17h March 2017, which gives a chance to Indian business persons who will travel to the CII-Exim Bank Conclave in India (which will take place from 9th to 10th March) to be able to participate in the Business Meet. The Business Meet will target about 150 attendees from Indian and Malawian-Indian businesses in Malawi, as well as 50 attendees from Malawian businesses.
Start Date/Time:17-03-2017 00:00
Close Date/Time:17-03-2017 00:00

Malawi-India Business Meet 2017


Malawi and India have overtime enjoyed an increasingly cordial business and diplomatic working relationship. This is evidenced form the fact that there are so many Malawians of Indian origin who are now naturalised citizens whose first generation came to Malawi during the colonial era. According to the International Trade Centre, Malawi’s exports to India rose from US$31,740,000 in 2014 to US$67,552,000 in 2015, which represents 6.3% of Malawi’s exports. On the other hand, Malawi’s imports from India declined from US$243,177,000 in 2014 to US$177,752,000 in 2015. Hence the trade gap for Malawi-India in 2015 stood at -US$110,202,000.

The above is indicative of an empowerment trade with India in favour of Malawi which has the potential to develop even further as a result of strong Indian investment in Malawi. There are numerous investments from India but their footprint in the country is not as strong and transformational as in other countries. Furthermore, there are big Indian multinationals such as TATA and Mahindra, among others, but have very small representation in Malawi. It is important that the two countries should work closely together to unlock the bottlenecks that impinge on the investment, growth and expansion of Indian businesses in Malawi for the sake of the country's prosperity.

India has increasingly become a close and reliable ally of Malawi. This Business Meet attests to this cordial relationship and endorses India’s said intentions to develop and empower Malawi through various initiatives, including foreign direct investment from India.

The objectives of the Business Meet are as follows:

  1. To create awareness of possible transformational Indian investment to Malawi;
  2. To create awareness of Indian and Malawian-Indian businesses and investments in Malawi;
  3. To educate the Indian and Malawian-Indian business community on the present policy environment and the investment opportunities available to them;
  4. To explore ways and means of attracting more Indian businesses and investments into Malawi through a conducive policy and administrative framework;
  5. To empower Malawian entrepreneurs through possible ventures with Indian and Malawian-Indian counterparts; and
  6. To launch a business handbook of Indian businesses in Malawi.


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