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Application for an exemption to medicine license.Application for an Exemption to Medicine License Under Pharmacy Medicines and Poisons Act. Section 36 (g).
Application for registration of medicinal products.Application for Registration of medicinal Products Under Pharmacy, Medicines and Poisons (Fees and Forms) Regulations. Rule 13(3) and (4).
Exemption to export movable property.Exemption to Export Moveable property Under Payment for Export of Moveable Property. Exchange Control Regulation. Rule 29.
Application for licences and permits to export and import GMO.GMO Licences and Permits under BIOSAFETY (MANAGEMENT OF GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS) REGULATIONS. (No 13 of 2002) Rule 12(4).
Entry of goods in transit.Entry of goods in Transit under Regulation 29 (Customs and Excise Act)
COMESA Simplified Trade Regime. COMESA Simplified Trade Regime under Customs and Excise (Amendment)(No.5) Regulations, 2008
Application for GMO licence.GMO licence under BIOSAFETY ACT (No 13 of 2002) Section 17
Application for a licence to export or import GMO products.GMO Product licence under BIOSAFETY ACT (No 13 of 2002) Section 19 and section 20
Application of ordinary mineral export permit.Application of Mineral Export Permit Under Mines and Minerals Act 1981. Section 119.
Application of reserved mineral exportation.Application of Reserved Mineral Exportation Under Mines and Minerals (Reserved Minerals Licence)Regulations 8.