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Procedure NameSummary
Biological and genetic resources exportation licence.Biological and Genetic Resources Exportation Licence under ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT ACT . Section 36.
Hazardous waste or substances permit. Hazardous waste or substances Permit under ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT ACT (No 23 of 1996) Section 39.
Application of permit to import cotton seed and plant.Application of Permit to Import Cotton Seed and plant Under Restriction on Cotton Seed Importation, breeding and multiplication. The Cotton Act, Section 21(1)
Application for permit to import pesticides.Importation of pesticides under The Pesticides Act Section 17 (1).
Importation of unregistered pesticides.Importation of unregistered pesticides under The Pesticides Act; Section 17 (2) (a)
Exportation of unregistered pesticides.exportation of unregistered pesticides under The Pesticides Act; Section 17 (2) (b)
Application for importer of motor vehicle.Application for Importer of Motor Vehicle Under Application for Registration and Registration of Manufacturer, Builder and Importer. The Road Traffic Act. Section 13 (1).
Permit requirement to export some types of tobacco.Permit Requirement to Export some Types of Tobacco under The Tobacco (Export) Regulations. Rule 2 (1) (a).
Permit to import Tobacco.Permit to import Tobacco.
Application for a permit to export cotton.Requirement of export permit to export cotton under Restriction on Purchase and Export of Cotton. The Cotton Act , Section 61 (a)