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Procedure NameApplication for a permit to import restricted commodities.
Issuing Agency: Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development
Incumbent Office Name: Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development
Address: The Director, Department of Agricultural Research & Technical Services, P. O Box 30779, Lilongwe 3, Malawi
Fax: (265) 1 788-801

Phone: (265) 999 122 199, (265) 888 342 712



Procedure Step

Description Required Documents
1 An exporter should go to the Ministry of Agriculture or Chitedze Research Station.  
2 Fill in the import permit form.  
3 Pay a fee of MK2,500.00.  
4 The importer will have to make  presentations at different forums as regards the use of that commodity.



The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
Import Permit Application Form (Plant, Seeds)08-11-201508-02-2016Agriculture Research Services (DARS)This is Dowload File
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Restriction on importation of some plants.ProhibitionAgriculture Research Services (DARS)Any person wishing import any plant packed in soil which is not the product of a nursery approved by the Permanent Secretary and bears a label certifying such origin; fresh fruits from Asia or the Pacific Islands; any plant or part of a plant specified in the Act; any grain, pulse or similar produce requires a phytosanitary certificate stating that the goods have been fumigated in an approved manner not more than fourteen days prior to entry into Malawi;Any rooted vegetative material of any plant,also requires certification that it has been rooted in a sterile medium, from any country outside eastern and southern Africa; vegetative material of any plant species or cultivated from any country outside eastern and southern Africa also requires certification. Some commodities are not allowed but can be allowed for industrial use e.g Industrial hemp. Plant Protection Act- MoAIWD31-12-9999Good