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Procedure NameQuality Assessment: Pre-shipment sample registration and processing.
Issuing Agency: Malawi Bureau of Standards
Incumbent Office Name: Malawi Buraeu of Standards
Address: Head Office
Moirs Road
P.O Box 946
Fax: +265 1 870 756

Phone: +265 1 870 488, +881 626 708


Procedure steps  Description Required Documents
1  The (prospective) importer requests the supplier of the commodity to send the required sample directly to the MBS using a recognised courier service with attention to the Director General.                                                             
2  The supplier sends sample of commodity to MBS with their contacts details and those  of the importer.  
3 The MBS will contact the importer in Malawi to pay fees for conformity assessment of the sample.   
4 Payment of conformity assessment fee  
4.1 if  the Importer pays conformity assessment fees the MBS conduct the commodity assessment  
4.2 if the Importer does not pays the conformity assessment fees the MBS withhold the sample for 14 days before disposal   
5 Once the conformity assessment is conducted the MBS produces  Conformity assessment report of the commodity sample  
6 The MBS communicate the comformity assessment results to the Importer  
7 Conformity assessment results  
7.1 If the commodity passes the conformity assessment MBS authorises the Importation   
7.2 If the commodity does not pass the conformity assessment MBS rejects the Importation  


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The following form/s are used in this procedure
TitleDescriptionCreated DateUpdated DateIssued By
Sampling form - MBS/QASD/F/34 issued by Malawi bureau of Standards04-08-201604-08-2016Malawi Bureau of StandardsThis is Dowload File
Import Inspection Request Form - MBS/QASD/F/03 issued by Malawi Bureau of Standards04-08-201604-08-2016Malawi Bureau of StandardsThis is Dowload File
Conditional Clearance MBS-IQMS-CCL104-08-201604-08-2016Malawi Bureau of StandardsThis is Dowload File
IQR-Draft Rejection Certificate- MBS-QAD under Malawi Bureau of Standards Act04-08-201604-08-2016Malawi Bureau of Standards
This procedure applies to the following measures
NameMeasure TypeAgencyDescriptionCommentsLegal DocumentValidity ToMeasure Class
Quality Assessment: Pre-shipment sample registration and processingPre-shipment inspectionMalawi Bureau of StandardsA pre-shipment sample is a sample which is sent to MBS before the consignment is imported into Malawi for the first time or where the previous consignments critically failed to meet requirements. To ensure that the commodity the client is intending to import is assessed on compliance with Malawi standards before actual importation in order to avoid rejecting the whole consignment due to critical non-conformance when it has already come. This applies where the importer is importing the commodity into the country for the first time and also when the MBS demands for a preshipment due to continued or excessive failure of previous consignments of the same commoity to meet applicable standards. Malawi Bureau of Standards Act (51:02)31-12-9999Good